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Ausegebombt - Hellbomber


Product Description

'This Portland band has in its ranks members of Blood Spit Nights and Hellshock and plays raging hardcore/punk with a raw sound and a metallic edge going on. I really like the recording for what they're doing though, it's better than what many such bands tend to achieve as far as having an even mix and dirty textures that still pack a punch. The distorted bass tone is right in the center and plays as large a role as the guitars (which are hard panned), the drums sound fine, and the terse vocal shouts rest right in with the instruments. The music is generally tightly performed despite the rugged sound, leaning towards the looser and noisier side during the lead breaks and such. For the most part expect faster hardcore/punk chord progressions, some slower rhythms that have an early 80's thrash metal sort of vibe, a little bit of tremolo picking that really comes as a surprise, and a pretty straightforward set of song structures that keep things simple and run a suitable amount of time (generally right around three minutes each). Aside from the heavier intros, tracks like "Bloodgrave" and "Henchmen" offer more of a typical D-beat approach, and that style definitely plays a role elsewhere, but not quite as obviously. The title track, for instance, definitely has an obvious metal influence to its driving tempos and picking patterns, while closer "Choose Death" is more of a straight up hardcore/punk track that even has a slightly melodic tinge to it, as well as some gang backup vocals. ' - Aversionline