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Elekidz - japanese title


Product Description

"Know all those awesome records HG Fact put out by the likes of Corrupted, Warhead, Judgement and Envy? Yeah, this sounds nothing like those. Instead, Elekidz play weird, hyperactive stuff that mixes up sweet pop ditties and off-kilter indie spikiness, the a-side a tumbling, jittery sugar high that's loaded with bashed gongs, crystal tinkles and jolly whistles and could well help warp the minds of slack-jawed pre-teens if wedded to the antics of anthropomorphic animals over the course of a neon-bright Saturday morning cartoon skit. Flipping over and if 'Anaekaasfa' isn't any more sedate it's at least a little more straightforward, a thumpingly good poppy punk number that's seriously addictive and leaves you slavering for just a bit more of Elekidz' additive-emboldened sweetness. " - collective zine blog