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August 8th - 2014

*bug fixed!!  Have you not received a reply from an email you sent to orders@blackwaterpdx.com??

Sorry to say we had an issue where many emails were lost...! I think we have the problem fixed but

please feel free to write us @  blackwaterpdx@gmail.com. Very sorry for those who

never got a reply. 

In other news... The Long Knife EP is selling like hot cakes! Thank you very much and don't miss out

on their awesome video on YouTube,  



July 12th 2014

Long Knife - Possession EP is now out! Check it out in the store - killer Poison Idea style HC! 

Their sticker has welcomed shop visitors for awhile now! :P 


June 30th 2014

Disarray LP is now finished and available for order! All mail orders get Green Vinyl while supplies last!! 

Thanks for everyones support with the new site and new releases, we are really stoked on the new records and

the response we've gotten. 



June 20th 2014

What's Happening - Thanks for visiting the new Website - The old one was getting cumbersome and hard to keep up to date so we decided to change up. Let us know if you like it! 

Big News is we are under going a massive remodel at the shop, this will take a month or two before we can refocus on online sales outside the label. We want to make sure you can at least order our records - plus for new releases this is the best if not only place to get the limited versions.

Please be patient with us, i know it's been awhile that we've been promising bigger inventory online... But remember it's a lot of work(a lot!) and we are only doing this part time outside our regular jobs/lives. Our goal is to have a seamless easy to navigate website and don't want to get too ahead of ourselves that we can't give you good service.

TAKE NOTE CUSTOMERS! There are several emails we've used over the years, we still use all of them but would like to consolidate to just one for the label / store. This will take many months for everyone to shift but please note - write us @ orders@blackwaterpdx.com for the quickest response. If you write us at the older email's we will forward to the new one and respond from there. 

Do not order from our personal social media accounts - they get confusing and fall outside our scope of tracking etc. 

Thanks for everyones support and patience! It is much appreciated!!! 


shit workers at the shop :)